Precision Packaging Services is a professional outsourcing
service for all your packaging and product fulfillment needs.

Packaging Services

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Our goal is to adapt our flexible workforce, processes & services to best serve our clients needs. We can perform many of our services at our customers’ facilities if that suits our customers’ needs. Listed below are just some of what Precision Packaging is capable of doing for your company.

Shrink Wrapping

With our high-speed automatic and semi-automatic Shanklin shrink wrapping machines we have significant production capacity for shrink wrap packaging. Our customers can be assured a timely delivery while handling their product with precision.
Precision Packaging ServicesPrecision Packaging Services

Precision Packaging Services

Product Assembly, Kitting, and Fulfillment

We specialize in high-speed assembly, kitting and fulfillment of retail gift sets, kits and various industrial assemblies. We regularly produce a high volume of finished product on multiple assembly lines! We can also provide shipping and distribution of your products with our own transportation or major freight carriers.

Precision Packaging Services

Packaging of Printed Materials

Companies that need post bindery services have also looked to us for quick turnaround times as well as drop shipments to their customers. This might include collation of print materials, bindery filling, CD inserts, shrink wrap packaging, and kitting. We also have the capabilities to make drop shipments using major mailing services such as UPS, FedEx or your choice of carrier.

Precision Packaging Services

Labeling and Re-Labeling

We can label any product and produce labels with or without specific barcodes to the customer’s exact specifications.

Precision Packaging Services


We have been able to provide many industries with rework solutions that solve various issues related to off spec packaging from their suppliers or from faulty internal processes. This might include inspection, sorting, and repackaging of customer returned goods.